BLAN linear lights, application and how to use
BLAN linear lamp is one of the popular products that is used in different environments such as offices, villas, restaurants, cinemas and other business environments, commercial, cultural and residential places. But how familiar are you with the types of linear lights and how they work?
First, we must point out that linear lights were produced in 1962 and only in red. These lights changed over time and today LED light is used in these lights. Linear LED lights have a narrow space in which the LEDs are placed in a row.
Linear lights or Linear BLAN are divided into three models: Linear Line Built-in, Linear Line Surface Mounted and Linear Line Pendant, and each of these lights can be used in different situations and environments.
Get to know the types of linear lights and their use better
1. Linear Line Built-in
This model of linear lights, as their name suggests, are installed built-in and are generally used in newly-built buildings. Of course, these products are also used in old buildings that are being renovated and the architect has already considered the location of the lights.
To use these lights, their dimensions and location must be determined in advance and properly planned by a team of consultants and architects.
2. Linear Line Surface Mounted
This model of BLAN linear lighting is often used for buildings where it is not possible to install a built-in light due to the lack of a false ceiling or the old building. Of course, in some buildings, the modern design and order of the employer is such that surface mounted lights are used.

3. Linear Line Pendant
One of the examples that you have probably seen a lot in modern interior designs which is the taste of many designers and architects, in the linear line pendant lights. These lights are often used above the desk and conference in office environments or even above the kitchen island.
Also, these lights are used in spaces where the ceiling height is high, such as restaurants and cafes.

What are the advantages of linear light lighting?
The first advantage of these lights is their flexibility in installation in various buildings and environments. These lights can be used as pendants in any space, and at the same time, in buildings that are being renovated, give the building a different and modern atmosphere and light.
Also, energy saving is another positive feature of these lighting sources. By using BLAN linear lights, you can create local lights in the required environments and avoid wasting energy for lighting the desired environment.
In this model of lights, LED lamps are also used, that’s why they have a long life and good performance compared to other lighting sources.
These lights occupy little space and can be used in different environments such as hotels, restaurants and cafes, residential buildings, art studios, etc. and in fact these lights will be part of the decoration and visual beauty of the environment.
Finally, it should be noted that today's linear lights have provided new and attractive ideas to interior designers and architects to create different environments.
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