Let's get to know BLAN LED light tube better
Nowadays, due to the fact that LED lamps have been proven to be more efficient than other incandescent or low-consumption lamps, LED lighting equipment is widely used to supply light to various industrial, office, or residential environments. But these lighting equipments have a world of variety, each of which is used in different environments. One of the types of LED lamps is tube light.

What is LED light tube?
LED tube light is one of the types of LED lights that have replaced other lamps, including fluorescent tube lamps. Tube light consists of a large number of LEDs whose consumption is low or medium. These tube lights produce less heat than other lamps, including fluorescent. In addition, the LED light tube has the ability to adjust the direction of the light, and this feature distinguishes it from older lights. Considering this feature of LED tube lamps, we can used of them to have a special lighting and decoration.
The LED light tube is made of durable aluminum and plastic, which makes this lighting equipment strong and resistant.
"BLAN" lighting equipment company specializes in the production of all kinds of LED lights, including light tubes. These lighting equipments are designed by French experts and can be used in all kinds of indoor and outdoor places, residential houses, factories, industrial places and office environments, and all of them have a 3-year guaranty.

Tube light can be used to illuminate what environments?
"BLAN" LED tube lamps can be used to provide light and general lighting in all places. But this lighting equipment is used especially in places where the light must stay on for a long time or where the light needs a higher degree of protection, because this light has the ability to deal with urban and industrial dust and moisture. For example, workshops and industrial environments, stores, warehouses and parking lots.
The reason is related to the high degree of protection of this lamp and the lower energy consumption of LED tube lights compared to other lamps, which converts more electricity into light and reduces and saves costs.
In addition, the use of these tube lights is suggested in places where it is difficult to install lighting equipment. Because their lifespan is about 25 times longer than incandescent lamps and they usually do not need to be replaced in the short term. Their maintenance and repair costs are also low. If they are turned on and off continuously and switched on a lot, they will break later than other lamps.

What are the advantages of "BLAN" LED tube light compared to other lamps?
These LED tube lamps produce a wide range of colors, so they give us the possibility of combining different colors in the desired place, and besides, they have high flexibility and their light efficiency is more than 90%. Another feature of tube light is its easy installation. Because it is produced in such a way that it does not require special equipment for installation and anyone can install or replace it.
Tube light and LED lamps are in general environment friendly and, unlike fluorescent lamps, they do not use materials such as mercury. This type of lighting equipment, unlike low-consumption lamps that produce ultraviolet rays, produces healthy light that is not dangerous to people.
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