In recent years, due to the many advantages that LED lighting equipment has, they have been widely offered in the market and they have been welcomed. But this type of equipment has a lot of diversity and each of them has different uses. Therefore, knowing the characteristics of these LED products will help us choose the right type of lighting equipment we need. In this article, we will review the LED strip light.
What is "BLAN" LED strip light?
Striplight is a flexible circuit board on which LEDs are installed at regular intervals. Behind this strip, there is an adhesive shell, which makes the striplight usable almost everywhere. With the help of striplight, we can create multifaceted and pristine lighting in the environment.
LED striplight includes several positive features, including:
• Flexibility: The LED strip is flexible and bends easily. Therefore, according to this feature, striplight can be used for lighting in different environments and we can install it in different and creative ways and create special lighting in the environment.
• The possibility of cutting to the desired length: we can cut the strip of this light according to the required size from the specified places and use it without disturbing the striplight.
• Different color spectrum: these LED strips are produced in different colors such as white, red, green, yellow and blue, and therefore, with the help of striplight, we are free to choose the desired color for lighting.
• Light adjustment: Striplight, like other LED lights produced by the "BLAN" group, can be connected to a dimmer, and in this way, its light can be increased or decreased as needed.
• Low thickness: the LED strip has a low thickness, and for this reason, it is suitable for lighting places that have little space for installing lights.
• Low energy consumption: Like other LED products, Striplight BLAN also has low energy consumption and produces high-quality and healthy light.
In addition to these things, the LED strip is environment friendly product that has a long life. All LED products produced by "BLAN" lighting equipment company, including striplight, have been designed, prototyped and tested by French experts.

Where can we use striplight BLAN?
Due to the limitation of other lights in flexibility, we cannot create creative and special lighting with them. But "BLAN" striplight, due to its flexibility, allows us to implement diverse and attractive lighting designs.
We can use the LED strip for both indoor and outdoor lighting. It is better to use this lighting equipment as a supplementary light along with other main sources of light. Striplight can be used for hidden lighting in the ceiling. Beside water-resistant type of the lamp, it can be used to illuminate places such as building facades, swimming pools, bathrooms, etc.
Striplights are also used for lighting environments such as studios today.
We can also use the "BLAN" striplight to illuminate external environments such as staircases, exteriors of buildings and towers, landscaping the garden, etc.
We can create special lighting that attracts the attention of customers by using white ribbon thread in environments such as hotel lobbies, shop decoration, exhibitions and restaurants, commercial complexes.
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