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BLAN Lighting Industries, manufacturer of Oxybox air purifier
BLAN Lighting Industry Company has produced a portable air purifier called Oxybox.
Oxybox is a small and portable magical air purifier.
In closed environments, it cleans the air around you.
Oxybox can eliminate 99% of gases, viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergens and airborne particles and create a healthy air bubble around you.
About BLAN Lighting Industry Company
BLAN Lighting Industries Company started its activity in the field of designing and producing LED lighting equipment needed for roofed and unroofed office, commercial, residential and industrial spaces in compliance with international standards by forming its research and development department in Lyon, France and creating a production line in Kaveh industrial town, has transferred the most up-to-date technology of the lighting industry from Europe to Iran. The products of this company are designed, prototyped and feasibly tested in France by French experts and after receiving the final approval, the produced sample along with its technical data is transferred to the country for creating a production line to initiate production phases. This trend in the BLAN lighting industry has led to the production of products that in terms of useful life, quality and technical specifications, can be exported to neighboring countries and even those in Europe. Furthermore, all the products of this company have a 3-year warranty and 50,000 hours of lifetime.
BLAN Lighting Industries comprise of variety of divisions ranging from mold making, die casting, plastic injection, metalworking, electrostatic powder paint, PVD paint shop, assembly lines and quality control in Kaveh industrial town; while, warehouse, marketing, sales, domestic and international purchasing department, service unit, after sales, technical design of projects, contracts, finance and management are located in Tehran and production planning and research and development are in Lyon, France.
One of the objectives of BLAN Lighting Industries, in addition to producing a product with a good quality and with a global standard, is to transfer the world's latest technology to our beloved country.
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